ADR Journal formed as the result of joint efforts between NALSAR and IAMC.

Volume I


 – Pavani Reddy & Natalie Armstrong

About The Journal

The National Academy of Legal Studies and Research (‘NALSAR’) was established in 1998 by a Statute of the State of Andhra Pradesh. Since its inception, NALSAR has been consistently counted among the top law schools in the country and strives to implement varied strategies to create a vibrant scholastic environment. In light of the same, NALSAR has also continually endeavoured to push legal scholarship towards new paradigms by fostering a strong culture of legal journals. The International Arbitration and Mediation Centre, Hyderabad (‘IAMC’), a first-of-its-kind, focuses on assisting in the resolution of commercial and legal conflicts by providing efficient, cost-effective, and impartial methods. The Centre provides both Arbitration and Mediation services, by combining first-class client service, cutting-edge technology and top-notch facilities. The Centre consists of highly experienced arbitrators and mediators to provide tailored, in-person, virtual and hybrid conflict resolution services. The NALSAR-IAMC ADR Journal (‘The Journal’) is the result of the budding relationship & joint efforts between NALSAR and IAMC. The Journal primarily endeavours to facilitate the development of scholarship in the fields of Arbitration and Alternate Dispute Resolution. In furtherance of the same, the Journal aims to provide a robust platform for legal minds all over the country to showcase their critical thinking and analytical abilities in order to positively contribute to the emergent discourse surrounding Arbitration and Alternate Dispute Resolution.

Recent Updates

NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad and EBC Publishing Pvt. Ltd. entered into an MoU for publishing and distributing NALSAR-IAMC ADR Journal (A joint effort between NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad & IAMC Hyderabad). Read more about it here.

NALSAR releases NALSAR – IAMC ADR Journal published by EBC.  Read more about it here.

Our Patrons


Professor Srikrishna Deva Rao

Vice-Chancellor, NALSAR University Of Law, Hyderabad


Tariq Khan

Registrar, International Arbitration and Mediation Centre (IAMC), Hyderabad